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Portuguese Intensive Courses

Our courses are held either in-class or on-line. It is up to the student to decide which option suits him/her the best. It is even possible to attend some of the classes in our premises and some online.

Cursos Intensivos de PLE - Verão 2023.png
- 239€ (final exam, certificate and physical book included)

Enrolment period:
- by 30 May (for courses starting on 01 June)
- by 15
June (for courses starting on 19 June)
- by 29 June (for courses starting on 03 July)
- by 13 July (for courses starting on 17 July)

- by 27 July (for courses starting on 01 August)
- by 17
August (for courses starting on 21 August)
- by 31 August
(for courses starting on 04 September)  

1 - Additional 50€ annual enrolment fee over course price (it includes final exams and certificates for 1 year).

2 - In case the student needs to set an assessment interview, it is free of charge and it can be set according to his/her availability.

3 - Information on student discounts available upon request.

- For more information on alternative schedules, please, contact us at [email protected]

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