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Extensive Portuguese Courses

These courses can be held face-to-face, online or in a mixed option where the student decides which sessions to attend presencially or online. It is up to the students to decide wich option best suits their needs.

30-hour course - 169€, plus 50€ of annual enrolment fee (which includes final exams and certificates for 1 year) and 20€ for the book.

Our extensive courses

The extensive courses usually have a total duration of approximately two and a half months (30-hour training courses). During this period you will be able to conclude a level.

The majority of the participants are either studying at the University and/or working while studying Portuguese at the same time. Because of this we have created a set of timetables which provide you with different options so you can easily integrate our training programme into your daily academic/work routine.

* Students without a certificate from previous levels can schedule free level assessment interviews with our teachers. These interviews are set according to the students’ availability.

* More information on discounts will be provided upon request by email, phone or in our office.

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