Individual courses

Our individual classes will allow you to have specific goal-oriented training, adjusted to your language skills and schedule availability.

Unlike the regular 30-hour group courses, which require a minimum number of students and have a fix schedule, the individual courses can start whenever you feel it’s more convenient and, because this training option involves one-to-one classes, you’ll be able to conclude a level in less hours, thus saving some time.

Where are the classes? 

Usually, these courses are held in LanguageCraft's premises, however, it is also possible to have classes at home by paying an additional fee. The same applies to classes held in your company. 


• 1 Student per class

• Flexible schedule

• Immediate start

• Annual enrolment fee: 50 €

General Content

€ 33/h

Specific Content

€ 35/h

Teaching Place:

• LanguageCraft - headquarters

• Residence

   (Plus travel fee)

• Companies

   (Plus travel fee)

Economic Packs

Individual classes during working hours (08:00~18:00)

10 hours

€ 300

20 hours

€ 560

30 hours

€ 780

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